Lower East Side Sports Academy, Johnny Marines, and Univision Radio X 96.3 helps 300 NYCHA Residents with a Turkey Giveaway in Relief of Sandy !!

For the past two years, Lower East Side Sports Academy (LESSA) has enabled youth residents most in need to lead healthy, safe and smart lives through youth sports.  Targeting low-income housing in Lower East Side – Manhattan, LESSA combats youth obesity and teen violence, while providing values that will allow participants to succeed in the classroom, playing-field and in life.  Today, LESSA impacts over 500 local youth residents each year by providing affordable after-school, night and weekend youth sports programs. By providing low-cost programs, local youth are afforded an opportunity otherwise often not attainable or provided.  Academy programs provide physical activity and play, constructive programs during crucial non-school hours, coaches who act as positive role models and moral guides, fun experiences and friendships.  To learn more, visit us at www.LESsports.org andwww.facebook.com/LowerEastSideSportsAcademy.

Turkey Giveaway with Johnny Marines 23
Please click on the Link below for more informatiom about the Turkey giveaway.