Back to School 2013 Newsletter

Over 700 residents came out to our third annual “Back to School” event!  This years theme was BBQ and included a sports zone (with batting cages, football toss and basketball shots), bounce houses, dominoes and our annual tradition of school supply donating  250 backpacks filled with school supplies to local youth residents!
As part of Lower East Side Sports Academys vision of helping kids be “Healthy, Safe, Smart”, the main goal of “Back to School” is to provide essential school supplies to youth in need to aide them in having learning development, along with providing a fun and entertaining event prior to the start of school.
A tremendous thank you goes out to Enrique at The Association of Latino Business Owners & Residents for co-hosting the event, to the Johnny Marines Blessing’s Foundation for donating to the event and to Health First for donating the backpacks.  Also, thank you Eliot Spitzer and Rosie Mendies for joining us this year!

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Santo Domingo Baseball Donation Drive!

Want to be apart of the LES Sports team!  We are rasing funds and collecting equipment to help kids in need in Santo Domingo get an opportunity to be “Healthy, Safe and Smart through sports”, just like LES Sports participants!  If you want to contribute, or know someone who might, please contact us.  See flyer for details.

Santo Domingo Baseball Donation Letter

WHO:  A local resident and LES RBI advocate, Wilson Hernandez, is giving back to his hometown community of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) by donating baseball equipment to kids in need.  Wilson, with the support of Johnny Marines and the Marines Blessings Foundation, has been donating on a small level for the past four years.  As the league has grown, the need for equipment has as well.  In support of our program supporters, Johnny Marines and Wilson Hernandez, LES RBI is joining in this great cause to make a bigger impact. 

WHAT:  We will be collecting baseball equipment donations from local schools, non-profits and residents to take to the two local Santo Domingo youth baseball league, Liga Deportiva Jose Minaya and Estrellas de Kechon, to give them equipment they are in need of to provide a fun and safe experience for kids in need. LES RBI will not only donate to local impoverished kids in need, but will work with local league coordinators to assist them in working to one day become a RBI program as well.

WHEN: We will be collecting the donations during the months of November and December.  We will be leaving December 26th, 2013 to head to Santo Domingo and donate all of the collected equipment.

WHY:  We chose to support this cause because as an RBI program, we understand how impactful youth baseball can be on a kid’s life.  Providing baseball to impoverished kids gives them an opportunity to learn life skills, be healthy, learn a fun game and maybe even give them a chance to improve their life through college baseball scholarships or playing major league baseball.  Also, many of our youth of LES RBI trace their ethnic heritage back to the Dominican Republic.  LES RBI also aims to “Pay It Forward”, meaning that not only do we need and enjoy the support of our local community, but we strive to pass along help to other communities in need.

WHERE:  Equipment donations can be made at Keepers Storage (444 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009), under the name LES Sports.  Financial donations can be online at (click the PayPal donation button in the upper right hand corner) or by mailing a check to P.O. Box 1838, New York, NY 1009, made payable to LES Sports.  We will pass along all donations to the programs directly or use the funds to get them the necessary equipment.

HOW:  Only with your help!  Please assist us in providing baseball to kids in need by donating equipment or making a financial contribution to cover travel expenses or purchase necessary equipment that is not donated. 

To learn more or to arrange a donation, please contact:

Frank Alameda at 917-440-6381 or