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Healthy, Safe, Smart


Lower East Side Sports Academy (LES Sports) is a youth sports non-profit in the Lower East Side of New York, NY.  We offer affordable youth sports programs to all kids, with a focus on benefiting kids of low-income households who often otherwise do not have a chance to participate, giving them the opportunity to be “healthy, safe and smart through sports.”


Our Mission:  To provide affordable, quality, recreational programs for underserved inner-city youth, giving them the opportunity to be healthy, safe and smart through sports.


Our Vision:  Filling the void of quality recreational programs available, we will provide opportunities for underserved youth to participate in structured recreational activities, giving them an opportunity to live healthy lifestyles, participate in positive activities during crucial non-school hours and learn social and educational values to help them become productive adult citizens.

Lower East Side Sports Academy will collaborate with local schools, nonprofits and established programs from nearby neighborhoods to create the greatest impact possible, as well as ensure long-term success.


Our Values: Respect, Humility, Confidence, Perseverance, and Enthusiasm.